Fabio Onorini

Passionate About American Traditional Style Tattooing · Personalized By Mixing Modern Elements

Fabio Onorini was born in Viterbo March 4th ,1983. Onorini gained his education and graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence with a degree in Painting. After some apprenticeships in Italian Tattoo Studies, he opened his own studio in Abruzzo “the Electrink”.

In 2012 Onorini moved to Rome to continue and improve his tattooing talent, managing “Inkside Tattoo”, and later opened Fronte del Porto tattoo parlor in 2013 where he continues to produce artwork.

Onorini has always been attracted to traditional tattoo iconography, developing an artistic language according stylistic constructs, and reworking both old and new subjects. In addition to his studio commitment, he has also participated in many conventions and exhibition in Italy as well as abroad.

+39 06 5530 0453

Fronte del Porto Tattoo
64/66/68 Via Tullio Levi Civita
Roma, RM 00146 IT

Korpus Domini Roma
65 Via Veturia
Roma, RM 00181 IT