Progressive Metal Band

Born in Rome 4 years ago, it's hard to define our sound according to genre’s stereotypes: Theia’s heart is progressive, but carried out as today’s djent.

Theia's latest album – Yūgen – is unique: its prevalent feature is the original and powerful virtuosity of all elements. it's a masterfully complex work. A trip through instrumental mastery and a power shout of protest against this world.

Yūgen sound is particularly unique thanks also to Overload guitars, crafted and exported worldwide by Matteo, Theia’s bass player.

The band’s gutsy approach is characterized by the guitars of Pietro and Nik. The whole album is colorfully technical, with Paolo’s tenacious drumming focused on atmospheres with his powerful modern rhythmic approach. JP’s high-pitched screams are his trademark, while the choruses are easier to sing along.

Jacopo Pesciarelli · vocals
Matteo Dondi · bass
Nicolò Di Lernia · guitar
Paolo Conte · drums
Pietro Finzi Vita · guitar

Atlantico Live
271d Viale dell’Oceano Atlantico
Roma, RM 00144 IT

Blackout Rock Club
713 Via Casilina
Roma, RM 00173 IT

Jailbreak Live Club
870 Via Tiburtina
Roma, RM 00155 IT

Traffic Live Club
738 via prenestina
Roma, RM 00155 IT

22 Via Dei Lucani
Roma, RM 00185 IT

Overload Custom Guitars & Basses
60 Via delle Sette Chiese
Roma, RM 00145 IT

Wishlist Club
126 Via dei Volsci
Roma, RM 00185 IT

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