Lateranense Obelisk

Tallest obelisk in Rome, and the largest standing ancient Egyptian obelisk in the world, originally weighing around 455 tons.

Builder: Tuthmosis III · Tuthmosis IV
Year of Arrival: 357
Height: 45.70 m
Weight: 330 tons
Location: Piazza di San Giovanni in Laterano

From the temple of Amun in Karnak, and brought to Alexandria with another obelisk by Constantius II, it was brought on its own to Rome in the year 357 to decorate the spina of the Circus Maximus.

Found in three pieces in 1587, it was later restored although approximately 4m shorter by Pope Sixtus V. At this time it was erected near the Lateran Palace and basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano. The equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius was then moved to the Capitoline Hill.

Lateranense Obelisk
Piazza di Porta S. Giovanni
Roma, RM 00184 IT