MONS (Jonathan's Angels)


... YOU EAT ... YOU DRINK ... and MUSIC ...

Okay, so one of our favorite Romans (Emmanuele DiFelice and the most lovely Claudia De Santis, not to name any names) let us in on this little gem! We fell deeply in love at first glance. No really, no lie! Before even learning what this space was about our hearts melted upon taking in the collection of mannequin heads seeming to be solely there for inviting guests in for a drink. Thoughtfully sketched messages ornamenting the walls, accompanied by humorous pop culture reference after . pop culture reference, and of course trinkets galore (I'm truly summoning my 'The Little Mermaid" moment here). There is no possible way to be bored in this place!

But, hey to each his own, if visual stimulation isn't your thing maybe try a burger named after a classic 80's sci-fi movie, or a cool beer under the dangling orb light fixtures at the bar. I definitely spied some sickkkk graffiti on a door over the hostess stand. If that all isn't making your mouth water, there will be live music, and it will be good (I'm pretty sure that's what God did on the 8th day right?!?)

Don't be a square, go be there!

MONS (Jonathan's Angels)
16 Via della Fossa
Roma, RM 00186 IT
+39 06 6893426