Testeaposto Barberi

We are not a barber shop. But a real Italian Barbary.

No barber shop, but to revalue the quality craftsmanship of the ancient Italian barberie, those where the newspaper was read, commented on the games and things that happened during the week. Simply the barber of a time, essential, but where there is certainly no lack of care and attention for their customer. Saying "barber shop" may be cool, but the truth is that the craft of the barber, as we know it, is more Italian than ever and we are proud and honored to carry on this tradition of craftsmanship over time. After all, it is what is often appreciated and envied around the world. It is called Italian style .


The first Barberia Testeaposto, was founded in 2012 in the Nuovo Salario district of Rome, revealing what was a hairdresser for men in the 90s style. Over the years, many barbers, driven by trends of the moment or desire to expand their clientele, gradually abandoned what was the old conception of the shop and the rituals associated with them. We have always been fascinated by the old barberies of the past and for us it is a real pride to continue an all-Italian tradition with constant passion.


In 2015, just 3 years after the opening of the first Testeaposto barbeira, opens the second store in the heart of the Montesacro district, in Rome. A real shop inherited by Salvatore, Mastro Barbiere with over 40 years of activity and an exemplary passion for this profession. Testeaposto does not want to be a franchise but a landmark in the neighborhood. A place that lives and takes part in everyday life, just as it once was.

Testeaposto Barberi
22/23 Piazza O. Vimercati
Roma, RM 00139 IT
+39 06 812 4850